Kate Rogers

Kate slipped peacefully away from us on Monday January, 27th at 3:35 in the morning. I was with her in her last moments. The moment she took flight was filled with both sadness and joy; joy that she was free of the suffering and sadness that I had lost her. I will miss of her every day.

I want to thank each and every one of you, our customers, for being with us and supporting us through nearly a quarter century of business as Greenstone Soap Company. Many of you have been part of our story from the very beginning, and have helped us become the little soap company that could.

Discontinuing our line of people products is hard to do – we love them as much as you do, but with Kate’s death, that time has come. I will now put all my time and resources into the growth of Shampoochie® dog products.

And once again, it is all of you who have helped grow Shampoochie® into the “up-start little bar of dog soap company” that won’t go away. We haven’t hit the big time yet, but with your continued support and sharing of your experience with this product, we will get there.

Shampoochie® Dog Products are available at Shampoochie.com

Thanks to all of you.

Bruce Rodgers
Greenstone Soap Company, LLC
Home of Shampoochie® Dog Products.